Home: HDB Key Collection Guide

Hi all, very sorry for the lack of updates, work has just been crazy... crazy... crazy! Today, we will be sharing our experience for HDB key collection! I know there are other blogs out there sharing it, but I guess it completes our journey! Note: We had to do it fast in fast out because … Continue reading Home: HDB Key Collection Guide


Home: BTO, Resale or EC?

Work has been super super tiring. Hence, the lack of posts. Today, I will be doing a short article for young couples looking to buy a new home. The most common question will be: BTO, Resale or EC? 4 Factors to consider:  1. Budget  It is important to sit down with your SO and work … Continue reading Home: BTO, Resale or EC?

Home: 5 Factors to consider before submitting your ballot

Hello! Today I will share some of the factors we considered before applying for our flat. We hope you will find it a teeny weeny bit useful! 5 Factors to consider before submitting your ballot!  1. Location (is king...)  Yes, the cliche saying is cliche but true! Location is king because location is one of … Continue reading Home: 5 Factors to consider before submitting your ballot