Travel, Malaysia: 3D2N Kuantan Road Trip (June 2017)

It’s the school holidays again! If you have not planned anything for your kiddos this September holiday because you want them to cramp for end of year exams, do consider giving them a short breather in Kuantan!

We went there in June 2017 and even as adults, it was quite an eye-opening and relaxing trip 🙂

Our 3D2N Kuantan Road Trip Itinerary

Day 1

0630-1500: Travel to Kuantan 

Food places you can stop by to have something to eat:


  • Restoran Ee Loo
    • 24 Jalan Dato Mohd AliMersing 86800, Malaysia
  • Loke Tien Yuen Restaurant
    • No. 55 Jalan AbuMersing 86800, Malaysia
  • Mersing Seafood Restaurant
    • Sometimes closed during lunch
    • 56 Jalan Ismail | 86800Mersing 86800, Malaysia
  • 71 coffee and cafe
    • For those who want some western food and don’t mind a further drive
    • 365 Jalan IsmailMersing 86800, Malaysia


  • Kow Po Coffee Shop
    • 2 Bentong Heights, Bentong 28700, Malaysia
    • +60 9-222 1258
    • Specializes in homemade ice cream and ice kachang
    • Famous in the area
  • Tong Kee Coffee Shop
    • 4, Jalan Chui Yin, Bentong, Pahang
    • Got normal hawker food like wanton mee
    • Oldest coffee shop in Bentong
    • Try famous 1+1 drink, 6 minute egg, ice butter toast
  • Yuen Kee Cafe 源记茶餐室
    • 57 Jalan Chui Yin, Bentong 28700, Malaysia
    • +60 12-946 8406
    • Famous wanton mee is here

1500-1600: Hotel Check in

We stayed at Hotel Zenith which is right opposite East Coast Mall (the largest mall in Kuantan) at a really good price! (it is considered more expensive than the rest of the boutique hotels but it is right opposite the mall!)

That’s our hotel room view!

1600-1900: Go to the beach 😀 Teluk Chempedak

  • Pantai Teluk Cempedak, 25050, Pahang, Malaysia
  • Activities to do:
    • Watch monkeys (beware, do not carry food or drinks)
    • Walk along pedestrian bridge to Telok Tongkang
    • There is affordable paid parking at the beach (very hard to find parking on weekends)
  • Can consider having dinner here
  • Travelling time ~20 mins by car

Le monkeys were everywhere (and le parents had tons of fun telling us how cute they were). There are big fat mosquitoes there so do use insect repellent! Also, the crabs are super cute on the beach.

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We randomly found a durian puff place near the beach carpark so we stopped to eat some! It was so-so la…

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1900-2000: Dinner

  • Can eat at the beach
  • Can eat at the night market
  • Can choose any restaurant listed below

2000-2130: Night market

As it was hari raya eve, the whole place was closed! 😦

  • Night markets in Kuantan that you can visit:
    • Riverside (near Taman Gelora) on Sunday
    • UTC car park in the middle of town (near the stadium) on Saturdays
      • Jalan Stadium, Pasar Besar Kuantan, 25000 Kuantan, Pahang, Malaysia
    • Indera Mahkota 2, behind the Tengku Ampuan Afzan mosque on Fridays
      • MASJID SAIYIDINA ALI BIN ABI TALIB MASJID TENGKU AMPUN AFZAN INDERA MAHKOTA,, Lorong Indera Mahkota 1/10, Bandar Indera Mahkota, 25200 Kuantan, Pahang, Malaysia

2200: Snoozing time back in hotel 😀

25/6/17- DAY 2

0500-0530: Prepare to leave hotel for sunrise hike!

0530-0830: Sunrise hike at Panorama Hill

So pretty right!!! 🙂 

Image result for panorama hill malaysia

Image above from Travelled

How to go:

We did not actually go to bukit panorama as one party of our group was over 60 years old and did not want to go.

Click here to see a good blog that detailed their hike:

  • Must have torch light
  • Check sunrise timing
  • Hike takes around 1 hour to get to the top
  • Park at food court
  • The correct stairs are the ones LEFT of the one shown in the blog

0830-0900: Breakfast @ one of the coffee-shop/Hawker where car is parked

0930-1130: Sungei Lembing Underground Tin Mine

When we went to Kuantan, it was a Hari Raya weekend and hence it was closed 😦 But personally, I think it would have been a great experience for kids (and suaku adults like me)

Tutup lah 😦 

Read about the tin mine experience here!

  • RM31.80 per adult, RM15.90 per child

1130-1230: Lunch @ Lembing Hawker Centre

  • Ah ding roast pork
  • Lembing noodles
    • Can eat within hawker centre
    • 8, 231, Sungai Lembing, 26200 Sungai Lembing, Pahang, Malaysia
  • Mountain water toufu
    • Sister fong’s in the hawker centre
  • Hand-made duck noodles (where we ate!)
    • It is opposite the hawker centre at Lembing
    • Silkiest noodles we have tried so far with very good tea leaf egg and steamed sweet potatoes!
  • Other food to consider:
  • Must buy souvenir: Coconut Biscuits
    • Do ask the vendors to let you try before deciding between the 3 brands
  • Shop at the Sunday morning market!
    • There is a mini pasar malam (or rather pasar pagi, haha) next to the hawker centre which sells quite a bit of local products including wood products, coconut biscuits, soy bean, etc.

There are a few wood workshops near the hawker centre which make use of this “Di Huang Mu” to make wooden display items, keychains and chopping board!

The chopping board was super good quality and a huge one is only 20/30RM (hello, 10SGD? BUY!!)

Apparently holding this piece of wood will make you more steady. LOL!

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Before leaving the place, do take a few photos! Lembing is like a town that is stuck in time. It’s architecture, people and way of living are all very old school!

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1300-1430: Gua Charas

  • Famous for its reclining Buddha statue inside a cave
  • Parking is RM2, entrance fee is RM2
  • Jalan Gua Charas, 26090 Kuantan, Pahang, Malaysia
    • The route in is really like dirt road, so do drive slowly to prevent punctured tires
  • The climb up is also a bit scary for people with fear of heights
  • I would also not recommend anyone with Asthma or sensitive airways to visit as it is very smokey inside the caves due to the burning of incense

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1500-1730: Pandan Waterfalls

Image result for pandan waterfall sungai lembing

Image from

My bad luck continued during the trip and I did not get to see this at all! It was again, closed.

1730-1800: Back to Kuantan!

We ended up going for a swim at our hotel pool to make up for our disappointments.

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1800-1900: Dinner @ seafood restaurant 

1900-2100: Shopping @ East Coast Mall


  • Park at hotel and walk across to the mall
  • Mall has cinema and arcade also
  • Lanegie was quite cheap there surprisingly
  • Opening hours: 10am to 10pm

2100: Snoozing time 😀

26/6/17 DAY 3

0830-0930: Breakfast at one of the coffee shops listed below 

0930-1130: Travel to Batik place 😀

We did not go here as le-parents did not want to go. But I think it is really cool cause you get to make your own batik! 🙂

Check out this blog for more on batik experience

1130-1230: Taman Esplanade walk

  • Enjoy relaxing evening stroll at this boardwalk and take some photos with the huge KUANTAN sign 😀
  • Jalan Tanah Putih, 25100 Kuantan, Pahang, Malaysia

1230-1300: Buy local products home

  • Famous for whole Angkoli salted fish
  • Hasil Laut Kiah Kee (very hard to find)
    • Address: Batu 8, Jalan Gambang
    • Tel:+60 9-5382455
  • Or can try Jalan Besar (can see river)
    • 16, Jalan Besar, 25000 Kuantan, Pahang, Malaysia
    • has alot of local product stores 🙂

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1300-1400: Lunch

1400 onwards: Travel back to Singapore

List of recommended restaurants in Kuantan

  1. Restoran Tong Juan
  • K-117, Jalan Sulaimani, Kampung Dusun Nyior, 24000 Kemaman, Terengganu, Malaysia
  • Famous for stuffed crabs and seafood
  • 30-3.30, 6-10pm
  1. Kawa Japanese Restaurant
  • Save No B-402 Jalan Beserah, Kuantan 25300, Malaysia
  • 6095600032
  • 12-3pm
  1. Restoran Hai Tian
  • Lot 4748, Kuantan 25250, Malaysia
  • +60 9-514 4382
  • Behind shell, can pump petrol
  • Has curry prawn in coconut!
  • 12pm – 12am

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  1. Sri Mahkota Seafood Restaurant
  • 167-171 Jalan Haji Abdul Aziz, Kuantan 25000, Malaysia
  • Chinese food, famous for seafood
  • Dunno opening hours
  1. Alor Akar Restaurant
  • Jalan Kubang Buaya | Off Jln Beserah, Kuantan, Malaysia
  • +60 9-568 0720 (can call to reserve)
  • Very famous for beggar’s chicken and salted egg stuff
  • 6pm to 12am

Beggar’s chicken was sold out really early!

  1. Satay Zul
  • Jalan Telok Sisek (J.Taman Kuantan Garden T-Junction), Kuantan, Malaysia
  • +60 9-568 7859
  • Famous for best satay in Kuantan!
  • 30pm to 12.30am
  1. Lila Wadi Restaurant
  • A637 Lorong Selamat 21 | Jalan Teluk Sisek, Kuantan 25000, Malaysia
  • +60 12-664 4054
  • 5pm to 12am
  1. Ana Ikan Bakar Petai
  • Tanjung Lumpur, Kuantan, Malaysia
  • +60 13-998 9175
  • Famous for seafood and coconut shakes
  • Only open for dinner
  • Something like todak, choose own seafood and style of cooking
  • 30pm to 12am
  1. Hai Peng Kopitiam
  • Jalan Haji Abdul Aziz, Kuantan 25000, Malaysia
  • Supposed to have very nice laksa?
  • 9am to 5pm
  1. Restaurant Hoi Yin
  • 31 Jalan Teluk Cempedak, Kuantan 25050, Malaysia
  • 6095673871
  • Famous curry noodle from Kuantan
  • Near the beach!
  • Open morning 7am until 2.30pm

Super duper nice curry noodles!!!

  1. Restoran UK Loh
  • B-124, Lorong Galing 2 | Off Jalan Beserah, Kuantan 25300, Malaysia
  • Quite pricey by Malaysia standards
  • 8am to 3pm
  1. Old forest café
  • A393 3 Lorong Seri Kuantan | Jalan Beserah, Kuantan 25300, Malaysia
  • +60 12-988 6181
  • Got Chinese food
  • 30am to 10.30pm
  1. Sara Thai Kitchen
  • Jalan Teluk Sisek | Jalan Teluk Sisek, 25000, Kuantan, Kuantan District, Pahang, Kuantan 25000, Malaysia
  • Thai food
  • 20pm to 11pm
  1. Muar E Kopitiam Sdn Bhd
  • Jalan Beserah, Kuantan 25300, Malaysia
  • +60 9-567 9324
  • Famous for yam cake, kunyit rice and its coffee
  • Open from 7am to 5.30pm
  1. 90 Degrees Cafe & Art
  • B-882 Jalan Air Putih | 3. 830850, 103. 335965, Kuantan 25300, Malaysia
  • +60 9-505 5905
  • Normal café food
  • 10am to 12am

16. Lily Kopitiam

  • 1780-1802, Lorong Sekilau 30, Perkampungan Bukit Sekilau, 25200 Kuantan, Pahang, Malaysia

17. Restoran Seng Kong 

  • 4120,, 4116, Jalan Kubang Buaya, 25250 Kuantan, Pahang, Malaysia


Other activities you can try:

1. Rainbow Fall Hike 

2. Stay at cherating beach resort! (further up Kuantan)

3. Visit turtle farm

Another useful Kuantan blog post to read for families with kids:

That’s about all I have for Kuantan! Overall, I would totally recommend going there for a short and budget trip!

Hope this one post can consolidate all the research you need for your trip to Kuantan! 🙂




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