Why Singapore is Home :) 

Happy national day!!! 🙂 This is gonna be a patriotic post because of all the good feels hee.

1. “Friends and families by my side” – Where I belong, 2001

Singapore is where all my friends and families are and they are definitely the most important aspects to making a place more than a house, but a home.

2. “There is something down the road that we can strive for, We are told no dream’s too bold that we can’t try for” – Count on Me, Singapore, 1986

Dreams really do come true. I come from a low income family and yet I did get to fulfil my childhood dream!

Disclaimer: I know I am also the few lucky ones who could still manage to pursue what I wanted while there are many who gave up their dreams to support their families. 

3. “There’s a place that will stay within me, whereever I may choose to go”  – Home, 1998

I have been blessed enough to have travelled to quite a few countries on long trips and I must say that every single trip, there will come a time when I do miss Singapore and start to appreciate all that She offers, like security, cheap but good food and transport (well minus all the mrt breakdowns of course). #homesick

4. “Together we make a difference, one voice, one destiny, we remain undividied, our hearts in harmony.” – Together, 1999

If anything, I would say I am thankful for the racial harmony and how regardless of race or religion we can all share our sunny island together and strive to survive in these tough times as one nation.

5. Now standing proud and tall, Our spirit strong and free, Building on hopes and dreams, It’s here we want to be” – Reach out for the skies, 2005

So many times I proudly say I am Singaporean when I am overseas when people ask where I am from. They will then question if we are part of a bigger country for which they usually get educated on a small lesson on Singapore. 

There is much to be proud of! We are the only country with zero natural resources and yet we are considered a developed nation all within the span of 52 years! It doesn’t matter that some people never even heard of us, because they will one day 🙂 

Celebrate, Singapore! It’s everyone’s hard work over the past 52 years that keeps Singapore standing, not just the gahmen. 



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