Travel: Seoul Korea! (Day 6- Lotte Duty Free, Lotte supermarket, Myeongdong shopping)

Hi guys! Attempting to use my handphone to blog with the wordpress app! Today I will be sharing where I got all my loot from korea! 🙂

Lotte Duty Free Shopping

Located on level 9, 10, 11 of the lotte departmental store. Don’t be fooled by online reviews that free masks etc. are only given when you shop along the streets of Myeongdong for comestics and beauty care products. Here in Lotte DFS, when you make your purchase, you will also get a ton of free masks! I didn’t even need to ask for it. After you pay, you will see the sales girl putting the freebies into your bag 🙂

Long story short, the pros of shopping at Lotte DFS are:

  • Its duty free, so you can get immediate tax refund
  • You are shopping in a departmental store and got the atas feeling (haha)
  • They have credit card promotions that you can tap on: I had a 35% off my total bill for my TonyMoly purchases just by using my visa signature card!
  • They have all brands there!
  • It opens earlier than the rest of the shops at Myeongdong!

Lotte Supermarket

I would recommend going to the one at seoul station for a bigger variety!

Myeongdong shopping

If you do not have a specific shopping list of products to buy, shopping at Myeongdong can be really interesting!

For shoes: check out ABC mart for those clearance pairs 🙂

For cosmetics and beauty products: there is an etude house/missha/innisfree etc. every few shops

For food: DEFINITELY YOOGANE! It is half the price and there is free flow water! Also don’t miss out on the street food!

Okay! That’s about all for today! The wordpress app is really not bad 🙂

Happy shopping!


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