Travel: Seoul Korea! (Tax refunds)

Hi everyone! This will be a short post on what to expect for Korea Tax Refunds (I think it’s one of the easiest tax refund systems I had been through so far!)

There are 2 main tax refund companies I came across in Seoul, Korea:

Image result for global tax free

But, there are a ton of other tax free companies as well:

Photo: Logos of companies offering the tax refund service

Who qualifies for tax free shopping?

Tourists who depart from Korea within 3 months! Keep your passport with you during your shopping sprees.

What purchases qualifies for tax free shopping?

  • Immediate tax refunds (e.g. duty free stores)
    • Minimum purchase of 30,000W
    • Maximum purchase of 200,000W
    • Maximum purchase of 1,000,000W for an entire korea trip
  • Delayed tax refund (e.g. the ones where you keep receipts and go get tax refunds at designated tax refund centre/airport)
    • Minimum purchase of 30,000W
    • Tax refund limit of 5,000,000W

How much refunds do I get? 

From what I know, it is tier based tax refunds.

You can use this Global Blue calculator to have an estimate.

Where can I get my delayed tax refunds? 

First, you must remember to ask shops you shop at whether they have tax refunds and they will give you a tax refund slip!

Then, depending on which company the store you purchased from is on tie-up with.


The good thing about Korea tax refunds is that you can get your tax refunds outside of the airport i.e. no more worries about long queues and missing your flight vs forgoing your tax refund!

We did a whole lot of our shopping at Lotte Duty Free Shop at Myeongdong and we did our tax refund there and then.

To do your tax refund at Lotte Duty Free shop, just go to the concierge and show them the tax refund slip and they will guide you to the booth at basement which is dedicated to do tax refunds for all Global Blue Tax Refunds (yes, regardless of whether your shopping was from Lotte or not).

You will have to let them swipe your credit card for the amount of tax refund they gave you in cash and the amount will be cancelled once you leave Korea.

Do have your boarding pass for your return flight on hand!

After receiving the cash, don’t throw the tax refund away yet! Follow this instructions below to scan the “receipt” they give you so that you complete the tax refund process at at ICN Airport level 3, J or D island.

As you can see, if you have already gotten cash in the Lotte DFS for your tax refund, you won’t need to go to the actual tax refund counter!


For Global Tax Free, they also had Myeongdong tax refund counters.

Click here to see the list of downtown cash refund centres for both companies.


Otherwise, you can also do you tax refund at the airport: This is also where you scan the barcode for the global blue tax refunds! These counters handle all refunds 🙂


So far, I have not needed to fill up any forms and I have not had to show any of the goods I bought. You simply show them your tax refund receipt and passport with boarding pass!

Have fun shopping!


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