10 Reasons Why Your Next Holiday Should Be On A Cruise

Hello everyone! I have been missing in action because unfortunately I am now back to the grind of every day work (and I mean it when I say every day T.T). I used to downplay how I blog cause I have nothing better to do, but I just came to realise that blogging actually makes me happy, hence, I am here again!

If you have an upcoming holiday, feeling jaded, sian, or just want a getaway, I am here to convince you why your next holiday should be on a cruise instead of a plane!

1. There is absolutely NO PRE-TRIP PLANNING

Remember when you wanted to maximize your days overseas and booked that evening flight where you travelled to the airport from work and OT-ed many days to clear your work before your leave starts? (phew, what a long sentence). You find yourself arriving at your destination with absolutely no itinerary and googling on the go. Not that it is not fun, but for control freaks like me, I always almost stay up the entire night before that panicking and planning the night before.

When you are preparing for a cruise, you basically don’t plan. You book your tickets, pack your bags and off you go! No itinerary (that’s covered). No booking of train tickets, intercity flights, etc. No researching on activities to do. Without any form of planning, your meals are assured, you will have so many activities to choose from you will be spoilt for choices and wishing you had more time and you won’t have to plan any form of transport!

Image result for plan? meme

2. Buffets all day, every day (yay!!!) 

I am a Singaporean and I love food. If this doesn’t make you squeal in excitement, something’s wrong because ALL MEALS ARE FREE (well, technically you already paid for it in your ticket price, but still). Having unlimited free food is an absolute love.

The food on board isn’t shabby at all! It includes fine dining, proper waitress and waiters serving you and unlimited 24 hours supper.

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Did I also mention breakfast in bed for free? 🙂

3. Be a hermit! (Be absolutely cut off from the world) 

As much as we like to be connected to the internet all the time, I am sure even the most extrovert amongst us need some time away from it all.

Being on a cruise is the absolute best reason to DGAF and no one can actually find you in the middle of nowhere in the ocean!

Of course, if you earn 1000 dollars per minute, there’s also wifi on board (though it is pricey) which can let you keep working.

Image result for out of office meme

4. Learn a new skill 

If you ever wanted to try yoga, zumba, line dancing, make a rose from ribbon, scrapbooking, towel folding, etc. The cruise has it all.

5. Travel to 2 or more tour destinations in less than 5 days 

There are 2 types of cruises:

  • to nowhere (no port calls)
  • with port calls

Many cruise itineraries do offer 2 or more port calls and this gives you a chance to spend a day exploring different cities/countries in a short holiday! Great for people who have limited leave.

Even for land tours, the cruise has a ton of different tours you can join to suit your likings! Note: they do charge extra for these tours but it is fuss free.

6. Spend quality time with people you went with  20068271_10158954539255585_2071397470_n

Without wifi, your phone is a lot less captivating and you can put away your phone and spend some quality face time with your friends, families or SO 🙂 We practically just kept our phones in the safe in our room the entire time on board.

7. Make new friends 

Even though cruises tend to be huge nowadays with capacities of over 2000 people, by chance or fate, you will be able to make new friends through various activities or even the club and disco! Everyone is in a more relaxed mode and is more open to making new friends also 🙂

8. Watch shows that cost a ton in Singapore with blockbuster movies under the stars

Acrobat shows? Concerts from famous singers? Musicals? Yup, you name it, they have it. Every night, you will be spoilt with a different prime act each night of your cruise!


Movies are aplenty on board and they tend to be quite recent 🙂 Moreover, when else will you be able to enjoy super cooling sea breeze with a great movie, free hot dog/pizza and be able to see the stars? Image result for movie under the stars royal caribbean ovation

9. Try activities that cost a lot in Singapore for free! 

Like…iFly!!! (only on royal carribean cruise). Not to mention, ice skating, flowrider surfing, body surfing, rock climbing, just to name a few.

Image result for ifly royal caribbean

iFly easily cost at least 100 dollars, wave house costs at least 25 dollars per 30 minutes on promotion, and rock climbing and ice skating cost money too. But on the cruise, they are all free!

10. Finally, just… chill 

When I was much younger, I wished for every holiday to be jam packed with activities in order to make the most of my time. But as I started working and grew older (and fatter too), I learnt to appreciate that a holiday is only a holiday when you truly get to relax and do what you want, when you want to.

On a cruise, I got the freedom to rest whenever I wanted, join whatever activities that caught my eye, or just simply chill on the deck and watch the clouds go by.

chill cruise

If you still aren’t convinced after reading through this, I highly urge you to just YOLO and buy a ticket now!

What sparked this post was seeing the Royal Caribbean’s 10th Anniversary Sale which reminded me of the good times on Ovation of the Seas 🙂 Watch this space for some tips for first time cruisers on Royal Carribean!

This is not a sponsored post.



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