5 food/drink I should not have lugged back from Korea! 

Just went shopping at Koryo Mart at Lorong Kilat… and walked out feeling like an idiot because almost all the food I brought back from Lotte Mart in Korea was available in Singapore!!! (Although, part of me is rejoicing because it means I can have it anytime and anyday :D)

5 food/drink I should not have lugged back from Korea! 

1. Crown butter waffles 

This is like super super nice butter biscuits that tasted familiar yet new… Either way, if you haven’t tried it, try it!

Image result for crown butter waffles

2. Orion fish! 

This is a super chocolatey and soft sponge cake that is dense and not too airy.. super good!

Image result for orion fish

3. Tteokbokki chips 

AHHHHHH why did I not notice this before I went korea? I actually brought back 3 whole packs…

Image result for tteokbokki chips koryo

4. GS25 You-Us Ramen 

Just when I thought it couldn’t get any worse… There I saw packet forms of GS25 housebrand ramen?!?! WHY OH WHY. I tapao-ed so many cups of it home thinking it DEFINITELY ISN’T IN SINGAPORE. (Oh how wrong was I)

Image result for gs25 ramen korea

5. Woongjin Morning Rice drink

This is the only one where I went… OMG I THINK I AM GOING TO CRY :’) My absolute favourite drink from Korea so much that I actually packed 3 bottles of it home in my luggage (checked in) and was rationing it so slowly (half a cup each time). Imagine my joy when I saw the big bottle in Koryo 😀 I came home and finished 250mls of it immediately 😀

Image result for woongjin morning rice drink

I really think I shouldn’t have spent so much time in Lotte supermarket trying to grab all these stuff off the shelves… Although there are a few stuff I bought which were not available in the Koryo I went to (I’m gonna exclude seaweed here):

1. Honey Citron Tea (this particular brand) 

I didn’t see it in the Koryo I went to but I brought like 3 huge packets and completely didn’t regret. It’s so convenient to make as a hot or cold drink (just pour cold water in!). Really tasty too 😀

2. Binggrae Banana Flavoured Milk (bottle) 

Blogging this at 12.30am just makes me miss it alot….. oh Binggrae.. (p.s. I think they do have the carton form but having it in this bottle is :D)

Image result for binggrae banana milk koryo

We are soooo damn lucky to have so many of these korean food in Singapore. 😀

I didn’t actually do prior research as to which food to bring back.. so as the cliche holds true.. Fail to prepare, prepare to fail!


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