Honest Review: Crane Game from Home?

Hi everyone! Yesterday, by chance, I came across a rather novel app game on FB called Crane Toreba

What attracted me was basically, if you can guess, the phrase ‘FREE 5 PLAYS FOR NEW USER‘. All I had to do was to download the game and I didn’t even have to log in or anything, just had to fill up a nickname and email if I am not wrong and you can start playing! I do play crane machines in real life so this definitely caught my attention.

 Crane Game Toreba- screenshot thumbnail

They advertise themselves to have free shipping worldwide (once a week) BUT, of course, there is a catch, to receive your price you have to give them your credit card for verification… how safe that is, I can’t verify.

I guess the novelty lies in that you get to remotely control an actual crane machine without even stepping out of your house and you can play it anytime you want (open 24 hours) and the prizes do get restocked and changes daily.

So, we tried our luck at winning some prizes with the free 5 tries and we realised they generally have 3 kinds of machines:

1. Just grab and win as long as it falls in! 

2. The balancing poles 

You win as long as the price falls in

It is amazing how that minion pillow is actually hanging on there by sheer physics…. Is it even possible? 

Another kind where you win if you make one side fall in while the other side is intact (also ie the one that I have no idea what they actually mean)

3. The small rings


Each play ranges from 1500TP to 1800TP

TP is Toreba Point

Do go through their mini video tutorial before playing so that you don’t waste your free plays.

How to play for free?

1. The first free 5 tries – to get you hooked

2. Giving them your credit card for verification – get 5000 TP

(I don’t really know what they mean by verifying it, but they could attempt to deduct a small sum to see if it works then refund it)

That’s about it, thereafter you have to PAY using SGD through your credit card or paypal to buy more TP to continue playing.


Other things you can do for free on this app: 


That is completely free and you can watch anyone play anonymously. I guess this satisfies my curiosity and allows me to watch how people win prizes without stepping out of my house. (I used to stand around arcades to watch LOL)

Can you really win prizes? 

I think so, but I didn’t win with the free play! I did see prizes fall through though (quite a number to be frank) just from watching the game at various machines on the app for around 2 hours at night.

But it has so many 1 star review as an app on Google Play! 

Exactly. After briefly browsing through the reviews, many users feedback that there is a lag. A lag means your crane will not land at the exact spot you want it to land = no prize

There were reviews saying they won within their 5 free tries but as usual, I am highly sceptical or maybe that guy is one lucky fellow and should instead try his luck at 4D or Toto.

Image may contain: one or more people, ocean, text, water and outdoor

This meme got me hooked on Daily Feeds.

Will I recommend it? 

I am an absolute cheapo but for the sheer novelty of it, and because you can try it out FOR FREE with 5 tries just for an experience of remotely playing a crane game, yes, I recommend downloading it. But, I would not recommend paying to actually play the game unless you have tons of money to spare OR you cannot find the prize anywhere else (have you searched dear old taobao?) OR if the prize really cost way more outside (those limited edition stuff from anime maybe?).

It still doesn’t compare to actual crane machines and where you get instant gratification, excitement and accomplishment (lol) from holding the prize you won! Moreover, crane machines are more fun when you get super angst or excited during the play itself with your friends. IMHO, that is what makes paying more than the price I can get for this item on Taobao worth the extra money.

Love it or hate it?

Leave a comment below to share your experiences or views!

This is not a sponsored post.


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