Travel: Seoul Korea! (Hotel PJ Myeongdong)

Hey everyone! This post is a review of the hotel I stayed for 5 nights in Seoul, korea during my June 2017 trip. I booked this along with my flight on expedia in the midst of a tourist decline from China and so it was pretty worth the price! I paid 92 SGD a night for 2 people.

Hotel PJ Myeongdong

I chose this hotel because:

  • it had a shuttle service to the major tourist attractions
  • was near an airport limousine shuttle bus stop
  • near subway (2 lines- Line 3 and 4)
  • near tourist attractions but yet quiet
  • can see namsan tower from the room
  • had relatively good reviews online

Did this hotel disappoint? Definitely not! It even went above my expectations!

How to get to Hotel PJ from Incheon Airport: Do check the previous post of how to get from Incheon to Seoul

  • By airport limousine shuttle bus
    • Take Airport Bus 6001 (faster) or 6015
    • 6001: 8th stop, 6015: Last stop
    • Arrival Bus stop: Exit 8 Chungmoro station
    • Directions: Look for Kia motors, turn left, look for Paris Baguette bakery, Enter left of Jinyang arcade, walk through Jinyang, cross street and hotel is on the right
    • Click here  for photos provided by the hotel
  • By AREX + subway (I took this way to and from Hotel PJ)
    • Take AREX from Incheon to Seoul station then transfer to Line 4 to Chungmuro Station
    • Click here for photos provided by hotel to take the “no stairs” way from Chungmuro to hotel
  • Subway
    • Take Line 1 from the airport to Seoul station then transfer to Chungmuro on Line 4
  • By taxi: do provide the hotel’s korean address
    • HOTEL PJ호텔
    • 중구 인현동 2가 73-1
      Seoul, South Korea
  • There is a shuttle bus service from Exit 8 Chungmuro station (at the airport shuttle bus stop) to the hotel that can save you all the walking as well!

Once you arrive at the hotel, you will see a long flight of stairs up but do not fret, they actually built an elevator at the right side to ferry guests and their luggages up to the hotel lobby! (no more using the conveyor belt for luggage as seen in other blogs).

Related image

Image from

We reached really early in the morning and hence, we deposited our luggages with them first and went touring!

Checking in later in the afternoon was fuss free and it was really good to know that they actually took my comments of wanting high floor and a view of Namsan tower seriously! They took our passports to photocopy and there was no deposit required with cash/credit card. All I had to do was show my expedia booking itinerary.

Up we go to our room! It was a big room with way more than sufficient space to open luggages and walk around and eat our loot of the street food from Myeongdong and convenience stores. (If you do need any chopsticks or cutleries, you can go down to front desk to request for it).


The view from our room window!


There was also a hot and cold water dispenser at the lift lobby on every floor but I felt the water wasn’t to my liking (according to YL the water expert, it’s cause it’s distilled water which I dislike). Ice was available as well! Thankfully, our hotel provided a complimentary bottled water per person per day of stay.

There was also a fridge where you can store your drinks and food. Ours wasn’t plugged in when we arrived and we thought it was spoilt! Usually your complimentary bottled water will be inside the fridge if you do make up your room. If not, just request for it from the hotel front desk 🙂

These were the toiletries available. There is shower gel, shampoo and a “rinse” which I suspect is conditioner on the wall of the shower. Do bring facial foam (or just buy heehee it’s Korea, land of skincare!!!). They were no longer giving out free masks 😦

The toilet and shower area. The toilet bowl was super high tech with bidet and heated seats!!!


Overall, the room was clean and good for our 5 days stay. The pillows and mattress was just right for me. The toiletries were also refilled daily during make up room!

The hotel provided free shuttle services which was very very convenient for us during our stay. Subway typically cost around 1250W per trip minimum. So having the shuttle helped us save a bit too. Do note that the shuttle buses are SUPER ON TIME.

I will recommend coming down from your room about 5-10 mins earlier than the scheduled departure time to ensure you get a seat on the bus! The bus is a bit small and sometimes during popular timings, we could not get on. 😦

There were 2 courses of the shuttle bus route:

1. Course A which operated from 8.15am to 6pm



2. Course B which operated from 7pm to 2am



Upon check in, the hotel will actually give you this small handy card that has all the shuttle bus timings at its various stops. (as seen above)

There is also a small message that is in Korean should you ever get lost, to allow locals to guide you back to the hotel! (we showed this to the taxi uncle, haha)



I found it particularly useful when we went shopping at Dongdaemun and went eating at Gwangjang Market because it was beyond midnight (subways closed) and we could easily catch the hotel shuttle back for free.

The hotel also has it very own convenience store, CU, which was of a considerable size and had many food and drinks available. It is open 24 hours a day and located at level 1 of the hotel. There was also microwave and tables with seats in the convenience store itself. They also sold souvenirs (although super exp) and travel related items. You name it, they have it!

The hotel also provided a free hanbok experience during weekdays for female customers which is super convenient! You just have to register with the hotel front desk 🙂

The business room was under renovation during our stay, but there were 2 mac desktop in the lobby for use. You can also ask the friendly concierge (24 hours) if you do need to print anything.

There was also a rooftop garden which we didn’t have time to go to!

The service was great and there was always English speaking staff available to answer our questions. When we were craving for BBQ on our last night, the staff even took time to search for good BBQ restaurants that were open for 24 hours!

We didn’t try the breakfast at the hotel (15k won per person) as we preferred to have street food and also cause we are cheapo.

Overall, I would definitely recommend this hotel! Even though it is not sitting in the heart of Myeongdong or Dongdaemun, if you are looking for somewhere quieter, this hotel definitely makes up for it with its shuttle buses.

Do share and comment to share your experiences/recommend any other hotels for readers going to Seoul!


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