Travel: Seoul Korea! (Day 5- Hanbok experience, Everland, Gangnam, 24H BBQ)

Hi everyone! Decided to do up Day 5 of my Seoul trip first! So if you are going to Seoul soon, check out this post to know if Everland is for you!

We spent the morning going for the free Hanbok experience at M plaza! While waiting for M plaza to open, we also sneaked in a good breakfast by the street πŸ˜€ We had odeng (with very very nice soup) and a random ham and cheese sandwich.

Everland (In mid-June 2017) 

We then proceeded to Everland!!! πŸ˜€

Here are some basic information about Everland:

  • How to go: Take a look at funtastic blog to get more detailed instructions!
    • By bus
      • Takes about 90 minutes
      • Buses travelling to Everland Terminal where you then transfer to a free shuttle bus (2500W using T-money, one way)
        • 5002: 6.20am to 11pm
          • Take from  Gangnam Station (line 2, Sinbundang) Exit 10 or Sinnonhyeon Station (line 9) Exit 6, the bus stop is opposite ABC Mart (you can see it across the street) – This is the one we took everland_5002_bus_whoareyou
          • There will be an old uncle at the bus stop who will ask you to form a line
        • 5700: 6.30am to 11.55pm
          • Gangbyeon Station Exit 1 (the bus stop is in the middle of the road)
    • By Metro
      • From Gangnam Station (Line 2, Green) ➑ Jeongja Station (Sinbundang Line, Dark Red) ➑ Giheung Station (Bundang Line, Yellow) ➑ Jeondae Everland Station (Yongin Ever Line) Exit 3 ➑ Take a free shuttle bus to Everland
      • Ever Line operation hours: 5:30 am~11:30 pm
      • Take about 80 minutes
    • Everland-Seoul Shuttle Bus/Private Hire Cab 
      • There are everland shuttle buses that go from Seoul city centre to Everland directly but it has specific timings
      • If you intend to catch fireworks, Everland just launched their night shuttle bus service also!
      • For Everland Bus from Seoul city centre it costs 12000W for a round trip
    • Opening hours of Everland: 10am to 10pm
      • Do note that different rides close at different times on different days!
  • Things I wish I knew before going to Everland: 

    • Discount tickets: Buy your tickets online before you leave or while you are in Korea through various travel sites like Klook, Kkday, Trazy or other travel sites to skip the queue!
      • The cost of you going there to buy the tickets from Everland itself is already 51,000W which is definitely more than buying online! The Korea tour card does give you 30% off which will also make the Everland tickets 37800W which will equate to around 42 SGD as well (almost same price as buying in SGD online)
    • Shuttle bus tickets
      • If you do intend to take shuttle bus services, then buying combination tickets from the many online travel sites such as the one offered by Trazy may save you more money!
    • Avoid weekends and public holidays!
      • Everland is hugely popular with locals as well, so queues can get really really long
    • Download the Everland app!
      • Disclaimer: this app is fully in Korean and hence, most people find it pretty useless
      • We don’t understand Korean, but so far, this is what I can tell the app can do and how we used the app πŸ˜€
        • To check queue timings, opening hours of rides and which rides are closed:
          • Click on the windmill icon, click on the ride icon, then use the photos of the rides to match what you are looking for! The purple words next the the ride indicates the opening hours and the red words indicate waiting time of X minutes for the ride
    • Check show timings on their official website and plan your route!
    • Ask the staff if there will be fireworks!
      • From what we understood from our research, the fireworks are part of the Rose Castle Music Lighting show and it will usually be at 9pm
      • We can’t verify this as we did not stay till that late considering we still had to travel back to the city area!
    • Bring your own snacks or meals into the theme park if you do not plan to pay for overpriced food and drinks! (there is no bag check when we went)
    • Waiting times are be really long and the park is REALLY HUGE and it is quite humanly impossible to finish Everland in 1 day, so before you go, check out the rides available prior to your trip to Everland so that you rank it in priority:
      • E.g. T-express, Safari world, etc. etc.
    • After you know what attractions you want to go for, maximize your time by planning your route!
      • Do remember to include taking the cable car rides to get to places in your route because the view is great! πŸ™‚
    • Should I get Q-pass (ie express queue tickets)
      • For Everland, their Q-pass is only valid for that particular ride and doesn’t give you express queue for other rides
      • If I am not wrong, there are only 4-5 rides with Q-pass and each Q-pass cost around 10k won AFTER 50% discount per person per ride
      • I didn’t want to get the Q-pass because it was just so expensive and it didn’t affect my trip as I went on a weekday
    • Ride Reservation system
      • For popular rides, the park provides a free ride reservation system where you get a ticket for a specific time to return for the ride
      • Rides included:
        • T Express: once in the morning (11am) and once in the afternoon (2pm)
        • Amazon Express: when the waiting time exceeds 40 mins on weekends and public holidays
        • Safari World: If waiting time exceeds 60 mins on weekends and public holidays
        • Kizcovery, Kids Village, Hello Turning Adventure, Safety Center: you can select the time slots you want to book!
        • Paid rides: Robot VR and Secret Mission

We reach Everland at around 11+am and prior to going there, we already pre-booked our tickets with Klook! To enter the park, all we had to do was show the QR code on our mobile e-ticket to scan and the staff will let you enter with and they will give you physical cards for you to show evidence of your paid entrance! Do keep this ticket with you because they actually do ask to see it when you queue up for rides. They will just keep flipping both hands and it is a sign that they want to see your ticket! (Initially I thought this was some discount coupon for the next trip HAHA)


Off we went for our first ride! We ran into the Zootopia because YL thought it was the movie zootopia but he got disappointed HAHA. But I rushed in knowing I wanted to take Safari World and Lost Valley!

1. We went to Lost Valley first!

It was like a Duck tour but in a Safari like place where we went through an open course with land and water with various animals that can be seen up close! The water area was when we saw Hippos and also to keep the big cats away from the other animals! There was a tour guide who will explain and give you information about the different animals but they are ALL IN KOREAN T.T

Verdict: Would totally recommend this!!! I know we Singaporeans are super lucky to have a zoo at our doorstep but even though the animals are pretty much the same ones we have locally, the experience of going on the “duck tour” like bus is really different!

2. Safari World 

Next up we ran to safari world! It was a ride that is very much like a safari trip where the animals can actually come right up to the vehicle!!! The one we were in was a normal school bus type of vehicle. They do have the actual small sized 6 person safari truck but it will cost extra to go on that. There will also be a tour guide cum bus driver who will explain everything in KOREAN. T.T

Verdict: Would totally recommend this also!!! I don’t think I would get to have such an experience in Singapore and I heard from friends that actual safari rides can be really expensive! So this is worth! It is a bit sad that the bears were all trained to put the basketball through the hoop to get food which was quite sad because they were rewarded with food after that from our bus driver! 😦 Most of them do look a bit too skinny for my liking.

3. Amazon Express

Since we were at Zootopia, we thought oh why not just finish the Amazon Express because it also has a Q-pass system, so it must be good? We didn’t take any photos of it while we were there cause it was a wet ride.

Verdict: Wouldn’t recommend this unless you have time! It is very very similar to the Jurassic Park ride in USS and it doesn’t even have any drops unlike the one in USS. Was pretty boring. You also don’t need a raincoat or anything because you will barely get wet as they provide waterproof covers. If you do get wet, there are giant fans blowing you for free at the exit of the ride!

4. T express! 

This is supposed to be a must-go ride in the park because it is apparently the roller coaster with the steepest drop (77 deg) in the world!!!! To manage the long queue for this ride, Everland actually set up a “come back later” Ride Reservation ticket system once in the morning and once in the afternoon (around 2pm) to issue you a ticket with the timing you should come back for the ride (this service is free). We queued at 2pm for a ticket to come back at 6pm! We ended up just queuing for the ride anyway because waiting time was only 70 mins  and we planned to eat only after this scary ride.

Verdict: You haven’t been to Everland until you rode this! It was scary, scary and more scary. I never screamed so much on a roller coaster ride before and it is by-far the worst drop in the roller coaster in my whole life! (including famous six flags LA rides and USS LA rides!). Maybe we are getting old but we could only bring our timid selves to ride this once.

Lunch was quite simple! We just shared a fried chicken set which was way overpriced IMHO, but its a theme park. What can we say?

5. Carnival games!

We always play carnival games at theme parks and this is no different! YL is a fan of shooting games so he tried the shooting game while I popped balloons with darts! Each game is quite expensive at 3000W each.

6. Mystery Mansion

We thought this would be really fun because ghost plus laser gun right? Nope! It was quite lame because you just shot toy guns at random red lights to turn it green (or was it the other way round).

Verdict: Fun for kids only

7. Some VR 4D experience

I can’t seem to actually find the ride on the website or Everland guide but it is basically a 4D VR movie which was SCARY LIKE ANYTHING. I closed my eyes after the first 10 seconds. It is basically a horror movie in 4D using VR. Horror of horrors it was set in a hospital.

Verdict: Wouldn’t recommend it if you are like me D: but YL liked it I think

8. Cable car ride- Sky cruise!

We then took the cable car ride from European Adenture to American Adventure!

Verdict: Go for it! Beats climbing their super steep hills!

9. Rolling X-Train

I would say this is probably the only other coaster that sounded scary on paper for the park. The queue was not too long!


 Verdict: Not as scary as T Express for sure but it is still quite thrilling! You can’t really feel it tipping you upside down when it is going so super fast!

We then walked for really really long in rounds around the parks through the steep hills to find Thunder Falls but to no avail! So we gave up as the sky was getting dark. We decided to go shop for a souvenir instead! πŸ˜€

Tourists can get tax refund as long as you spend 30,000W and above and you can do the tax refund at Laciun Memorium (near the park entrance). Their tax refund is the orange company Global Tax Refund.

Their souvenirs aren’t exactly the cheapest and after deliberating for very very long! (1 hour, can you believe it), we picked the cutest penguin that caught our eyes since we walked through Lost Valley Souvenir store! We also bought a bottle opener Everland magnet for 6000W.


We then took the shuttle bus to the bus terminal (you can also access the MRT from there) and took the public bus back to Gangnam!

I insisted on going to ABC Mart at Gangnam to see some shoes because I really wanted to buy a pair of nice sneakers/walking shoes. Guess what, we did find good bargains! At their last pair rack.. I found an authentic Adidas Cloudfoam Ortholite sneakers (39k won) in my size and a Birkenstock (new design- 129k won to 59K won) for his size! :O We bought immediately because the discounts were good!

After which we wanted to eat at MapleTree house BBQ but it was closed at 9.45pm D: This was recommended by one of the food bloggers and they serve JEJU BLACK PORK πŸ˜€

  • Maple Tree House
    • Myeong-Dong
      • B1F, 8-1, Myeong-dong 1-ga, Jung-gu, Seoul
      • 02-771-9700
      • Opening Hours: 11:30am – 10:30pm
    • Gangnam (can probably eat after Everland)
      • BF1 Mokwha Milart, 113 Teheran-ro, Gang nam gu, Seoul
      • Tel: 02-569-8200
      • Opening Hours: 11:30am – 10:30pm (Closed Sun)

So we decided to go back to our hotel and took the shuttle bus out to Dongdaemun for some last minute shopping before we return tomorrow!

Our hotel front desk was super nice and gave us a list of 24 hour BBQ restaurants at Dongdaemun near the shuttle bus area. The exact address I will have to get YL to map it out haha oops xD The food was super good and they actually fry the kimchi for you! The Kimchi pork stew was also super yumz.

We actually didn’t buy anything from Dongdaemun in the end and went back to the hotel via the shuttle bus at around 2am!

Promo Code

If you intend to buy from Klook, do make sure you use their summer promo now where you can get S$35 off for a total bill of S$350 and get another promo code (valid for one month or so) to get another S$35 off for a total bill of S$200!

Another theme park you can visit is also Lotte World which is actually nearer to Seoul city areas compared to Everland but I read many reviews and I think if you are a thrill seeker and would like a variety of activities including safari rides, then Everland would be a better choice! I would definitely return again if I could!

They also have a new water theme park, Carribean Bay  which can be a good getaway from the afternoon heat!

Hope this post helped those who are looking to go Everland! πŸ™‚



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