To do: DBS Sailing Experience

Hey everyone! Today I will be sharing with you all a super good lobang I found online, so don’t say bojio!

If any of you ever wondered how sailing will feel like, you are in for a treat! Sailing at the bay with DBS allows you to get on a sail boat with experienced sailors from Singapore and enjoy the sights and wind of our very own marina bay! Did I mention it’s also absolutely FREE?

It was quite a spontaneous decision and we signed up for a sailing session online on Saturday for a sailing experience on Monday (19 June)! You can just check out this website and sign up for the next sailing experience! The only few requirements are that you must be between 7 to 70 years old and they do require you to declare any medical conditions or injuries you had. You can appoint one person to sign up for everyone (can bring up to 3 other guests) You also got to sign an indemnity form prior to the event. (We brought a hardcopy along with us when we turned up). Do note that for children, you have to have already HAD your 7th birthday by the sailing date in order to sail! SB20

There are 2 main models of sail boats you have the chance to experience. The SM40 and the SB20. We took the SB20 which according to our experienced ex-and-current national sailors, is usually manned by 6 sailors during an actual race and can go up to 10 knots! Click here to see more about the 2 boats!

For attire wise, there is no need to get waterproof shoes or what not, just simple sneakers/sports shoes with t-shirt and shorts will do! If you are beauty conscious do put on adequate sun protection including caps (hats may be blown off IMHO).

You can bring cameras to take as many photos as you wish! For us we only used our phone camera but to be honest the view is STUNNING. It is also a view you can hardly capture from anywhere else unless you spend money on river cruises.

On the day itself, arrive at the meeting point: pontoon next to custom house (nearest MRT is downtown MRT, take Exit B and walk straight until you see an escalator up to street level from the underground mall). If you are lost, just look for directions towards custom house. The steps you see in the photo below is the meeting point and the white building on the right is Custom House. Arrive about 10 minutes before your sailing time ie. 4.20pm sailing time, arrive at 4.10pm

You will be asked if you can swim adequately to save your own life in the unlikely event of capsize (haha) and you will then be issued a life jacket that can be inflated with a pull of the string! I am not sure what life jacket you will get if you say you can’t swim but I figure you will unlikely need it unless you jump into the water yourself. (didn’t manage to capture the box of life jackets!)

You will then be asked to board a motor boat like this after you don your life jacket! I would advise against bringing BIG BAGS but small bagpacks will be the best choice imo. The motor boat will be the one transferring you to one of the sail boats already out at the bay! 

Some info about the SM20 we took 😀 According to our friendly sailors A and YT, this will NEVER capsize in normal circumstances because it is a keel boat, meaning there is a counter weight at the base of the boat to counter the tipping if it was ever to be capsizing soon. That really gave me a “phew” because I wasn’t planning on going swimming in the bay! It can get really tippy when there is strong winds and you go pretty fast. I think my “shocked” look prompted A to kindly tell me it’s normal because the boat tips due to the pressure on the sails and we won’t capsize (heehee).

Some safety advice given was to not stand during the sailing and to avoid stepping on the ropes as it can be slippery! You sit on the sides of the boat right next to the water!!! 😀


Paiseh, eyes were looking sideways. Obviously I am not good at selfies

Some of the stunning views around the bay from the sail boat!

YL also got the chance to operate the sail boat!!!! (of course under the watchful guidance of A and YT). We were really blessed because we were the only 2 passengers on our sail boat and hence he got to steer it the whole time! I chickened out of steering it.

A patiently teaching YL and answering his one million questions…

sailing yl

There was a mini storm when we were out at the bay and hence we managed to go pretty fast which was quite exhilarating. We also learnt alot about sailing from A and YT who were both super patient with our never-ending questions. They also taught us how to see the wind direction and also how to catch the most wind! The boat really tilts which is quite scary initially but it became very very fun 😀

Before we knew it, it was time to be transferred back to the motor boat and it also marked the end of our sailing experience!

One last photo with the crew! 😀

Overall, it was a super fun and refreshing experience! What’s more, it’s free!!!! I mean, how many chances do you get to go sailing for free?

I would totally recommend it to anyone who wants to get some sailing experience or just want to cruise the bay area! It is also a good way to introduce your kids to another sport (or CCA) to see if they actually like sailing!

The bay waters are quite calm but the boat can tip quite a bit during strong winds, so for those with sea sickness maybe you might want to take some prophylactic pills 😀 Otherwise, it is as smooth as gliding on water on a leisurely gondola.

Quickly sign up for the next sailing date, don’t say bojio!

Do share and comment to share your own experiences!

This is not a sponsored post.




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