Shopping: 5 Types of white sneakers under SGD 10!

Okay guys, this is damn random but I was just lying in bed and came across an article that said Tmall will be launching a Singapore website (albeit still in chinese). So.. I decided to go search for the white sneakers that I saw so many many girls in Korea are wearing.

Wearing sneakers is like a norm in Seoul and I don’t know whether is it because they generally have good figure OR they are just damn pretty but their sneakers match basically ANYTHING!!! From sports attire to jeans to DRESSES (yes, like legit maxi dress/casual dress) the sneakers don’t look out of place! They also do tons of walking so I guess it is quite a smart choice to get a pair of comfy sneakers instead of wearing heels or flats!

Although you can find alot of nice white-based designed sneakers in Korea with nice pastel colours as well, a rather “brand-less” pair of sneakers can easily cost 20K won and above which I find expensive (sorry I am damn cheapo, I usually don’t spend more than 20SGD on “brand-less” shoes heehee)

Hence, I decided… to window shop taobao for my white sneakers!!! These are my picks if you do want to have a pair of white sneakers that isn’t all completely white! (sorry, I think completely white sneakers really reminds me of school shoes T.T)

5 Types of “white” sneakers under SGD 10!

Excluding shipping fees and taxes (if any). Prices quoted here are listed price on Taobao. Under each type of white sneakers identified, there may be a few sneakers that are priced above SGD 10. 

1. The hint of colour

I think these shoes are like a super good balance of getting a pair of white sneakers yet balancing it with very very mild and minimal colours to make it not seem like just another pair of school shoes (haha)

The one with inner lining colour, SGD 4.06

They have it in pink too! But I think this colour looks a bit like gold.


Another coloured inner lining one that is quite nice! SGD 11.21


The ones with platform! , SGD 4.06

If you are vertically challenged like me, then these shoes are like a great alternative to heels!!!


Another Platform kind, SGD 4.06


Velcro Type, SGD SGD 6.93


Slip-ons, SGD 9.17

The turquoise colour is quite nice and unique!

Metallic colours , SGD 28.33

If you are into metallic colours instead of pastel colours, you can also add some colours to the white sneakers! The silver one is quite nice

2. Completely white sneakers 

I just couldn’t resist it, sorry! Some of them are really nice!!!

Shoelaces type, SGD 4.07


White? SGD 28.12


This is kind of completely white to me but some may beg to differ because of the dash of grey and red at the sole. But regardless, it is quite nice! Note that it is pricey!!!

3. Smiley Face shoes!!! 😀 

Okay, I really think these are quite cute and nice! The smiley face isn’t too tacky IMHO (or maybe I am just tacky myself haha). I would totally buy the pink one 😀

The ones with Velcro, SGD4.67


The ones with shoelace , SGD 4.06

The one with side smileys, SGD 6.72

There’s another vendor selling the exact same thing but for SGD 2.. No reviews I can see, but I guess 2 SGD… may be worth the risk haha


A more subtle smiley face, SGD 6.11


4. The side designs! 

If you are not looking for a completely white sneakers, then these are quite nice because most have floral-like patterns 😀

Leaf pattern SGD 4.03


The moustache man (hahaha), SGD 6.09

The floral pattern, SGD 3.06


The Baymax one! SGD 5.91

okay, this is just cute, don’t think it can really be considered a white sneakers, but if you are a fan of Baymax, why not right? heehee

5. The comfort fit 

You know how wedding bands have like comfort fit? These shoes are probably as comfortable as normal sport shoes but yet can totally match your dresses if you choose a tone near white! (guess that’s how the Koreans pull it off?) There’s like quite a few nice ones, so I will just split them into 2 categories

All-white, SGD 10.59

There’s definitely more than one vendor selling the same pair of shoes, so do look around to find the one that is cheapest priced!

夏季休闲运动个性百搭韩版潮夏天穿的跳广场舞大学生白色少女鞋子, SGD 13.86


Airy shoes, SGD 7.34

The website claims to be able to allow air to ventilate… May be good for sweaty feet like mine? heehee


Velcro-type, SGD 10.92

Okay, there were those like truly velcro type where the velcro are horizontal across the shoes, but it really reminded me of school shoes so I didn’t really like it. This one at least looks like a sports shoe with some form of design of the velcros! Although, I think it does look a bit like the Bata school shoes… On second thought, maybe buy the pink one instead LOL

潮夏季新款运动鞋女鞋子韩版ulzzang百搭原宿学生港风休闲跑步鞋, SGD 28.12

If you are looking to splurge on a pair of all-white sports shoe, this looks pretty stylish and comfy! Okay, why I chose this photo despite the colour not being the best is because… I literally LOL at how photoshopped the image is!!! They literally cut and paste their model’s legs onto the artiste’s photo (LOL)


With colours, SGD 7.30

The pattern is really quite nice! Looks a bit checkered but it’s not

春夏新款韩版运动鞋女平底鞋子女学生透气潮女鞋单鞋休闲鞋跑步鞋, SGD 9.37

The maroon one from this shop looks good also to be honest

运动鞋女春夏季透气韩版学生百搭原宿ulzzang鞋子女休闲跑步鞋潮, SGD 10.92

Okay this is not really super white-based but the grey-white combi with the shoe style is quite a good match!


The one with holes, SGD 4.69

I think this design is quite cool especially if you buy an all white-top one and you pair it with pastel coloured socks! It’s like each time you change your socks, you also get to change the colours of your shoes. I was an absolute fan of adi-colour so I guess this brings back good memories of my trusty shoes from Secondary and JC days :’)


BONUS: The Light-up shoes!!! (this is above SGD 10, but I had to put it in!!!!) 

Light up shoes, SGD 13.25

Okay this is like whoa!!!! for me because omg, shoes that light up?! I think the last time I wore any shoes with light was when I still couldn’t count to 100. How cool is this?!?!?!


Big No-Nos for me!

I generally really dislike imitation goods and particularly don’t like the random english words put on some of the MIC designs too haha. Below are a few interesting big no-no shoes I came across LOL

1. “Sketchers” with a “5”? 

Also saw one with an “8” LOL


2. New balance with a reverse “N” 


Talking about new balance, if you want to buy their sneakers Korea probably isn’t the place to buy it! It is significantly more expensive than the ones I saw in Japan!

3. Nike reverse tick

“Just don’t do it”? LOL


3. Complete rip off of Adidas 

There’s this trending Adidas slip-ons that have been quite popular. If you are okay with an imitation, this is probably quite a good knock-off. Okay to give this product some credit, at least it didn’t try to misspell adidas in some random weird spelling


The real Adidas Superstar Slip-on Trainers:

Image result for adidas Originals Black Slip On Superstar Trainers

4. A sneaker peep toe? SGD 10

I find this design very very strange and it oddly reminds me of how my sneakers were like when it broke apart :X Their black and white version looks quite nice on it’s own but nope, wouldn’t try this!


If you want to shop more than 10 pages of taobao or see the different vendors available for the same design, do click here for the search I did!

Taobao away! And no, this is not a sponsored post. HAHA.



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