Weddings: the MEMORIES (Videography)

Hi guys! We made it past midweek! Hurray TGIF is just tomorrow!

Last post, we talked about photography, today we will talk about videography!

I have had friends asking me questions about wedding planning as well, if you would like to ask a question, feel free to go to my new FB page set up for easier communication with you all!

IMHO, videography and photography complements each other. Videography allows you to capture your vows, the touching speeches at the weddings and all the intricate details of literally reliving your wedding on screens.

4 Steps to Choosing your Actual Day Videographer

1. Watch the wedding videos!

  • There are tons on vimeo and youtube which videography companies or even couples share their wedding videos
  • As per photography, there are many styles of videography as well, and being no professional, I looked through multiple of each companies’ works to get a feel of whether that is a style of videography I like

2. Talk to your videographers!

  • Similar to photography, your videographers will also spend alot of time with you on your actual day and it is important that you are comfortable with them and you understand from them their style of videography

3. Have a list of services you need from the videography company

  • Knowing what you need will enable you to see if the packages they offer suit your needs or whether they can even provide what you need
  • Do you need a photographer as well for actual day? (think: discounts with combo packages)
  • Same day edit
    • short excerpt of morning events to be shown during the wedding dinner
    • You might not need this if you are having wedding lunch as the company likely will not have enough time to do the same day edit
  • Childhood montage
    • If you have seen Philip Yeo’s famous video (haha). Yes, it is the one that shows you in your most embarrassing micky mouse underwear in your most awkward smile from a time immemorial (literally because I dont think memories go that far back)
  • Pre-wedding video
    • Sometimes this is provided by your photographer instead of your videographer
    • It can be video montage of your pre-wedding photos and sometimes it includes behind-the-scenes (BTS) video shots (see here for example, omg the bride super pretty!!!!!) OR just showing you and your SO enjoying each other’s company (see here for example)
  • Love story video
    • My absolute favourite heehee
    • I always watched these videos since my JC days and always thought how cool it is to take such videos
    • See this for an example
    • But, it does cost quite a bit to take such videos as there is alot of prep work involved and also alot of editing, storyboard, etc.
  • Wedding day video
    • details the entire wedding

3. Be honest about your budget!

  • Be honest about your budget and what you need from the videography company
  • For eg. if you are having a wedding lunch, you may not need a same day edit but your may still want a pre-wedding video/portray your love story etc. to be shown during your wedding lunch
  • Tip: Know exactly how many hours of videography you need and also how the hours are calculated! 
  • Tip: Find out if discounts can be given if they do have combo packages with photography or if you are intending to do a pre-wedding video

4. Things to ask your videographers before signing

  • How many videographers will there be (1 vs 2)
    • Kind of same logic as photographers, it is the number of angles
  • How long an interval break do they need to do same-day edit?
    • For my videography, after discussing with my videographers it turned out that even if they do on-site editing, the same day edit might not be in time to be shown on the wedding dinner as our solemnization will be right before it
  • Will the same day edit be out by the time you want to show it?
    • Also think about what you want to feature in your same day edit!
  • How much extra will it cost for on-site editing
    • this means that the editor goes down to your wedding venue to do editing on the spot!
  • How much extra will it cost for
    • Extra hours
    • Early morning arrival
    • Drone shots
  • How long after the wedding can you get your wedding video
  • Will you be given raw footage of your wedding videos?
    • For example, for Beyondpictures, they will organise the raw footages into chapters and give them to you!
  • Ask whether they have worked with your photographer before and how it went
  • Do also ask how long the duration of video (final product) is the norm for your videographer
    • You won’t want to get  rude shock of getting only 3-5 minutes of edited wedding video for your entire day!

That’s about all I can think of!

I always dreamt of having my love story taken but I also had to work within my budget and that meant that I did not get to do that 😦

There are many aspects you can “spend” on for your wedding but do prioritize what is important to you as a couple so that you will know where to spend on more and what other aspects you can compromise 🙂

Do share, comment and share your experiences as well, thank you! 🙂


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