Launch of the wedding chapters- the big picture (12 steps to a wedding)

Hey guys! New blog, so I am probably talking to myself here. Lol. I am currently on leave AKA so I have quite some time on my hands. Am also in the midst of wedding prep and hence out came this idea to just share my experiences of life for those who will be going through it so that you guys know what to expect!

So you got your dream guy, dream ring, drank your celebratory toasts, shared your happy photos on FB/insta and then now what?

I guess if I have to come up with a wedding planning timeline that is simplified (I have been through a million very complicated ones online T.T), here’s a version that I can think of:

  1. Find a guy to marry (just kidding, this is a given)Lee-Hyun-Woo
  2. Decide on your wedding overall plan 
    • Let’s get the terms outta the way first (this may not be the actual meaning but this is how I understood wedding itself LOL)
      • ROM: signing of the actual marriage cert
      • Solemnization: where you say your vows to each other with “awww” from close friends and relatives
      • Banquet: the most expensive lunch/dinner you will ever treat
    • Are you going to have ROM, solemnization and banquet on the same day?
    • Are you going to have ROM first without solemnization?(for whatever admin reasons, singaporeans will be familiar that some ECs or whatnot will require an ROM cert for key collection etc.)
    • Some combinations I can think of:
      • ROM/solemnization on the same day then banquet on another day
      • ROM without solemnization (ie just go to Fort caning to sign the cert with Justice of Peace) then solemnization with banquet
      • ROM and solemnization then banquet on the same day! (3-in-1 as I like to tell my fiance LOL)
      • and lastly for the people I semi-envy: ROM and solemnization together on the same day in a dreamy wonderland WITHOUT banquet (ever). LOL. This takes some guts and kind parents because I know my mums (inclusive of my future MIL will probably flip and cook me alive like rotiprata)
  3. Decide on the date (or dates!)Image result for calendar
    • Sounds simple, but I learnt that selecting dates are more than just you and your future spouse dreamily choosing your anniversary or proposal date…
    • Some things to consider:
      • Do you want a weekday or weekend wedding?
        • Mon-Thurs: cheaper for many many banquets and just cheaper in general as it is offpeak!
        • Fridays:  Most of the restaurants/hotels/other service providers also have cheaper prices for friday plus, the next day is a saturday (aka we can all sleep in yay)
        • Saturdays: most popular day I feel as it is a full day that you can use for celebrations plus the next day is still a non-working day hence everyone can sleep in after drinking like crazy! For some churches, saturdays are also the only day that you can have a church wedding!
        • Sundays: also popular! But then next day gotta work… so it is quite sian I guess for myself (sleeping in is damn important for my wellbeing heehee)
      • Auspicious dates: and so… my future in laws are huge fans of fengshui and hence, I was brought to Master Long to calculate auspicious dates for my wedding LOL. It is actually a pretty professional service where I got a 3 years worth of prospective dates and a Wedding Fengshui for dummies kind of booklet to bring home (it is in English AND Chinese) LOL. Of course, it wasn’t cheap. Will write up on my experience in another post in more details.
      • Please also consider important milestones of your career as well! Ie. if you have a masters exams, important pitch, auditing season etc etc because wedding planning few months before the actual day in the midst of the busiest season of your work can be a disaster waiting to happen!
    • Not clashing with your relatives’ or friends’ wedding (if not minimum number of tables for banquet very hard to meet) 😦
  4. Draw up a tentative guest list of people you MUST invite Image result for guest list scroll
    • Ask your parents to write up a brief list of relatives you MUST invite and ask them to give a prospective number of tables or guests they want to invite (inclusive of their friends)
    • Draw up your own list of people you and your future spouse want to invite
    • Tabulate a tentative number of guests you expect (put a 10% allowance to increase the number closer to your wedding date)
    • Small tip: this list should be the minimum number of people you expect at your wedding hence, try to include friends and families you know will almost definitely come to your wedding unless they are stuck overseas or in space LOL
  5. Choosing the venue (most exciting part) Image result for sky garden ifly
    • Depending on point number 1, you will need to source for your dream venue! Which is the most exciting part of the wedding planning IMHO
    • Tips to consider:
      • keep within your budget (as much as I want to get married with personalised fireworks in Disneyland…. $$$ is real and limited), so set a budget for yourself after you have looked at a few different venues
        • For me: sky garden was my dream venue but too expensive and too small! Sentosa was great but too expensive!
      • Have an idea of what ELEMENTS made up your dream wedding venue
        • For me: I absolutely loved Sky Garden at iFly because it just looked so pretty! But when I seriously thought about it, I merely loved the blue skies and the view of the vast sea that formed the backdrop of the solemnization hence, I looked specifically for venues that overlooked water-bodies in Singapore 😀
      • You can have different venues for ROM/solemnization and the banquet itself ie. you have ROM/solemnize at an expensive boutique restaurant with a smaller number of guests but have a banquet at another location later in the day or on another day with a bigger number of guests
      • Find a venue (s) which can comfortably accommodate the tentative guest list you drew up in point 4 with enough space to add another 10% of the number of guests in point 4 (remember a pretty venue can be disastrous if you don’t have enough space to even walk!)
      • Always always always (and I can’t stress this enough) ask your other half (the man you will marry) whether he likes the venue too! Wedding is a huge thing for girls and sometimes we get carried away but HIS opinion is important too 🙂 Find a venue you both love!
  6. Choose to DIY vs Bridal Packages (ps i only included things that bridal boutiques usually provide in the package) Image result for bridal bouquet
    • I think I can write a full page essay on this but to break it down simply, these are generally the things you need on your actual day:
      • For the bride:
        • White wedding gown
        • Evening gown
        • Traditional Kua (chinese wedding gown)/tea dress
          • In the modern world now, I think this could be optional for some couples because you can actually go through tea ceremony with your white wedding gown too!
        • Makeup and hairdo
          • Generally consist of 1 trial, 1 morning and 1 evening (if you are holding lunch, you can make the evening one into another session for your 2nd march in)
        • Accessories for the gowns (ie veil, cancan, jewelleries)
        • Floral bouquet!
      • For the groom:
        • HAHA, they don’t need much, they just need a suit (or two if you like)
        • Corsage (to pin on the suit): it’s a flower thing, usually a rose Image result for corsage for men
      • For the parents:
        • Corsage! (1 for each parents ie 4 in total)
      • For the brothers:
        • Their outfit for the day
      • For the sisters (bridesmaids):
        • Their outfit for the day
        • Optional wrist bands
      • For the car:
        • Main bridal car decor
        • Ribbons for the other cars in the party
    • Will go into more details for this in subsequent posts as to whether to DIY and source for these things yourself vs signing up with a bridal boutique (and how to choose one)
  7. Decide on actual day photography and videography! Image result for wedding photography
    • this is absolutely important because photographers and videographers who are compatible with what you are looking for are generally hard to find and they usually only shoot 1 or 2 weddings maximum a day! So this is something you should book early! (same as venue)
  8. Decide on pre-wedding shoot!
    • Local vs overseas!
    • Bridal boutiques vs Freelance photographers
      • bridal boutiques generally covers the makeup and gowns and photographers BUT the catch is that there is a limited number of photographs you can choose and keep after a full day of shoot (sobs) and each photograph you want to “add” is a big hole in the wallet
      • Freelance photographers generally only take photographs ie you have to source for your own gowns, makeup etc but generally they tend to return ALL photos to you (yay)
    • Have an idea of what kind of shoot you want (memorable places special to you 2? or just nice scenic places etc etc and whether you even want an indoor shoot)
  9. The nitty-gritty
    • Nearing your wedding date, you will need to start planning the nitty gritty ie minute by minute planning LOL
    • RSVPs (super important!)
    • Collecting and settling your pre-wed photographs
    • Prepare a checklist of things you need on that day
  10. Hen’s night and Bachelor’s night
    • Plan it early! It is hard to gather all the sisters or brothers together on the same day if you all have busy schedules
  11. Going for the wedding
    • This is probably the most hands-off part because your brothers and sisters are the BTS heroes and heroines running the show for you!
  12. Post-wedding Image result for just married
    • Proper packing of all things rented! (if not… gotta pay..)
    • Paying up all remaining fees
    • Thank you meal for all brothers and sisters (optional)
    • Going for your honeymoon!

What a long post! But yes, this is the big picture of a wedding planning.

If you ask me, planning a wedding is probably the biggest project I have undertaken so far. Each point above takes soooo much time and effort to execute that I think I can write a post for each. I guess that’s why wedding planning is a legit job and they also charge legit prices (haha).

With all the things to plan above, I would say it is comfortable to start planning 1 year ahead of your wedding (esp to prevent venues from being snapped up on your selected dates). But, if you only have 3 months, or even 1 month, all these is still possible! So don’t fret!

Will be posting a new post every Monday (to drive away monday bluessss)! Do share if this post helped you!

Have fun and congratulations on getting engaged! 🙂

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